Josef J. van Wyk's Personal Web Site

    Here's a few sites that I find interesting...

  • Sean Eidemiller's phpWIMS wine cellar database software. Cool stuff; and useful too!!!

  • Ken van Wyk's personal website. As you can see, this was the inspiration (read original) for this site.

  • Nelline Pretorius's (my niece) Staffordshire Bull Terrier Site. This is positively the best source for information, links, etc. about our owners.

  • My own Kennel - Artemax Staffords - as an alternative source of information and some photos of our own babies and their blessed families.

  • One of my passions in life is rock climbing. If I could, I would take off a year and spend it doing The Global Challenge. For now though I am working towards getting in shape to do the Primal Quest expedition adventure race in 3 years from now.

  • For now though, I am focusing on my shorter term goal, which is to climb El Capitan. This is an amazing mountain that has always had an extraordinary fascination since the first time I saw it. My current timeline is to do this within the next 12 months. However, I first need to find a qualified climbing partner that I can trust to do this with me.

  • Another significant passion for me is Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. My friends know I have been involved in Martial Arts for most of my life but this was always focused on standup fighting involving striking and kicking skills and very limited ground fighting. However, as anybody who has ever been in a fight knows; sooner or later you will end up on the ground. Then you need to have excellent grappling skills or you will be in serious trouble. Also, if your opponent is much bigger and stronger, this will be a major advantage for you. This is the best Martial Art I know and the closest to the truth I have yet experienced.

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